Product Sustainability

Momentive products contribute to sustainability in various ways.


Sustainable chemistry

Momentive is guided by the principles of green chemistry. Sustainable or green chemistry is the practice of producing chemicals in a manner that is environmentally suitable, safe, and with fewer human and environmental consequences. When assessing environmental impact, Momentive considers each product’s critical life cycle components, including design, manufacture and use. Chemists on staff are constantly devising new ways to decrease consumption of materials and energy while reducing waste.


Products that earn their keep

To meet sustainable chemistry standards, Momentive evaluates potential new products for sustainability. To meet our sustainability criteria, new products should strive to: generate savings in energy, greenhouse gas, water, or waste during production or customer use; contain increased renewable material; be more recyclable; and/or present less risk.


What vendors do counts

Because the entire supply chain matters, Momentive seeks out sustainability-oriented vendors for its raw materials and minimizes the environmental impact of packaging and shipping. Moreover, consistent with Responsible Care®, we are implementing processes to ensure that all suppliers and third parties we work with are managing materials responsibly.


Helping our customers make their products more sustainable

Momentive is committed to developing technologies which help lengthen product lifespans (thereby reducing the world’s carbon footprint) and allow customers to produce high-performance end products with less impact on the environment. Our specialty chemicals and advanced materials enable everything from very low VOC paints and coatings, to high performance crop protection that uses less fertilizer and pesticide, to more cost-efficient wind power turbines.


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