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The Many Benefits of Sustainable Manufacturing
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Momentive's Sustainability Vision:

Momentive is committed to creating value by collaborating with customers to deliver innovative products and by caring for our people, the environment, and our communities.

Sustainability Begins at the Top

A message from our president

"At Momentive, we understand our corporate social responsibility for the health and safety of our associates, the environment and the communities in which we operate. We strive to deliver innovative solutions globally and develop new products that are sustainable. We do this by finding opportunities to gain efficiencies in production and by leveraging our scientific expertise. Our focus on Environmental, Health and Safety excellence is consistent with our commitment to the principles outlined under the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® program. Our manufacturing approach utilizes resources that can be reused, renewed or recycled to minimize our overall environmental footprint."

-Jack Boss, CEO

Sustainable Manufacturing & REACH

At Momentive, compliance with REACH is a top priority. REACH is an EU regulation enacted in 2007; it stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH requires manufacturers such as Momentive to provide authorities with information on chemicals so that they can more accurately assess the potential risk posed by such chemicals and determine whether limitations on the use of any chemicals are warranted.

At Momentive, we have a dedicated staff working full time on implementing REACH to ensure that customers do not experience any delay or interruption in the supply of Momentive products. Accordingly, we conduct required testing of chemicals, preregister all substances that we manufacture or import, work with the authorities to ensure appropriate classification of Momentive chemicals and work with our suppliers to secure an uninterrupted supply of raw materials. For more information about our REACH initiatives, please contact reach@momentive.com.

Additional information about REACH can be found via these websites:

To download our latest REACH customer letter, click here:

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Putting New Products to the Test

As part of our sustainable business practices, we evaluate potential new products for sustainability. To meet our criteria, new products must strive to generate savings in energy, greenhouse gas, water, or waste during production or customer use; contain increased renewable material; be more recyclable; and/or present less risk.

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Combining Product Stewardship and Sustainable Manufacturing

Product stewardship is a cornerstone of our corporate sustainability mission. Key to this mission is the sustainable development of products that not only meet customers' needs, but also follow the guidelines of green manufacturing practices.

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For more than 20 years we have been contributing to scientific research to improve health and environmental safety for the entire life cycle of our products. We also have continued to lead the development of industry standards and test methodologies, actively participate in scientific forums and initiate hands-on educational efforts with our customers, partners and communities.

Sustainable Chemistry & Manufacturing

Momentive is guided by the principles of green chemistry. Sustainable chemistry, or green chemistry, is the practice of producing chemicals in ways that are environmentally sound are safe and result in fewer human and environmental consequences. When assessing environmental sustainability, we consider each product's life cycle components, including design, manufacturing and use. Our chemists are constantly devising new ways to decrease consumption of materials and energy while reducing waste - a long-standing initiative that remains central to our commitment to sustainability.

Success is not a destination-it's a journey. At Momentive, we continually strive to improve our operational excellence. In matters of corporate sustainability, we measure this excellence in three core areas: environment, health, and safety. Highlights of our progress and performance in these areas follow. 

Over the past few years (2009-2013) our total carbon footprint has remained steady while volumes have increased.

Similarly, our total energy consumption and greenhouse gasses (GHG) intensity trend has remained relatively flat while the company has grown and expanded globally. Of note, our GHG intensity improved compared to 2010.

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News and Stories

Momentive's new Florida plant in hot pursuit of zero footprint

For the past several years, Momentive's New Smyrna Beach, Florida acrylic sealant plant has been a hotbed of sustainable business practices. Under the leadership of John Noell, a sitewide, team-based initiative has implemented 10 plans to address the plant's operational, environmental, and social impacts. Projects have covered everything from increasing product safety and reducing the risk of employee exposures, to toxic emissions, waste minimization, regulatory compliance management, and utility demand. Noell's vision: To make embrace sustainable manufacturing lock, stock and barrel; to make the plant as "green" as possible; to leave a zero footprint.

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