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Tires and Rubber


With a need to decrease fuel use, legislators from all over the world are advocating for increased fuel efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions. We've developed new silanes for building tires with lower rolling resistance to help solve these issues and to help advance tire and rubber compound design, performance and manufacturing.

Tires and Rubber Brochure

Since introducing the first NXT* silanes for tires in 2004, our advancements include:

• Helping our customers to enhance tire compounds that help lower fuel consumption by improving rolling resistance while also improving wet traction
• Helping our customers to improve processing for the manufacture of tires, potentially leading to cost efficiencies
• Continuing to innovate and collaborate with tire manufacturers in our 20,000 square foot tire R&D lab in Charlotte, N.C.

Some of our products have also helped manufacturers virtually eliminate ethanol released during the manufacture and use of silica tires. Many new cars now feature high-performance, energy-saving tires made with Momentive's new silane materials. 

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover the products that help the tire and rubber industries meet production and performance demands.

* NXT is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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NXT* Silane

Providing options for enhanced tire performance and overall system cost efficiencies for tire manufacturers worldwide, NXT silane has a unique design that can enable reduced rolling resistance without ...


Carbo NXT* silane is NXT* silane in powder form and can help provide tire enhancement and production efficiencies. Learn more.

e-free* 189 Silane

e-free* 189 silane is the latest advancement in silanes for mineral coupling with all-around excellence in performance and significant improvements in processing, allowing for reduced manufacturing costs. Learn more.

NXT* Z 45 Silane

NXT* Z 45 coupling agent may offer improved dynamic and physical properties in tire compounds, and virtual elimination of ethanol emissions. Learn more.

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