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Textile and Nonwoven


Fabrics that are softer, stronger, more colorfast and more wrinkle-resistant. Manufacturing processes that are more efficient and more productive. Momentive’s worldwide presence and extensive experience in the textile industry have led to a string of innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Our long collaboration has also ensured that we're uniquely prepared to develop the next silicone application for an always-evolving industry. 

Our solutions enable superior spreading and wetting, foam control, and softening and conditioning. They include: 

  • Cost-effective softeners that deliver superior smoothness, less wrinkling and stronger tear strength
  • Foam-control agents that increase efficiency and productivity during the manufacturing process while improving the quality of the treated fabric
  • Hydrophilic finishes for polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester nonwoven substrates 
  • Silicone copolymers and thermally activated catalysts that are excellent candidates to consider for use in the mechanically froth foam process and PU leather

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover products that help improve textiles from the factory to the final fabric.

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Baysilone* DHS TP-3877 Polymer

Baysilone* DHS TP-3877 textile softener is similar to Magnasoft* SilQ and offers a hydrophilic, dry handfeel. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH502-3% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone OF-OH502 3% polyurethane resin modifier typically provides a less sticky, more comfortable feel to artifical leather, and creates a coating with superior durability and weather resistance. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH502-6% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone OF-OH502 6% polyurethane resin modifier is a low-molecular-weight polyurethane resin modifier that may offer a less sticky, more comfortable feel to polyurethane leather. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH702-4% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone* OF-OH702-4% polyurethane resin modifier may offer a less sticky, more comfortable feel to polyurethane leather and create a coating with superior durability and weather resistance.

Baysilone* OF-TP3233

Baysilone OF TP 3233 is a 100% active polyorganosiloxane composed of polyether and polysiloxane components. It is solvent-free, exhibits an ammonia- like odour, and is ...

Baysilone* OF-TP3309

Baysilone OF TP 3309 is a 100% active branched aminofunctional polyorganosiloxane containing ethoxy groups. It is solvent-free, with ammonia-like odour. The product is recommended for ...

CoatOSil* DRI Waterborne Silicone

CoatOSil DRI waterborne silicone is a low viscosity emulsion that can improve water and UV resistance resulting in more flexible coatings and sealants. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 130LT Softener

Magnasoft* 130LT softener imparts a smooth, silky touch to treated fabrics without causing yellowing or other discoloration. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 2059 Textile Softener

Versatile, economical Magnasoft* 2059 textile softener adds a smooth, slick feel to mercerized cotton, wool and wool-blend knits. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 238 Textile Enhancer

Magnasoft* 238 textile enhancer is water-dispersible and may provide a soft, slick feel to treated garments while minimizing yellowing and improving shear stability. Learn more.

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