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Beauty — Personal & Home Care


Shampoos and conditioners that leave hair shinier and silkier. More vibrantly colored makeup that goes on more easily. Laundry detergents that make clothes softer and more comfortable. The personal and home care industries have long looked to Momentive for materials to help them produce new products with benefits consumers can see and feel.

And we've put our more than 75 years of experience to good use creating a wide range of solutions that do just that.

Our personal care product line includes a wide range of solutions that may help to provide:

  • Cosmetics with long-wear and color boosting properties
  • Creams and lotions with new, enhanced sensories
  • Hair treatments for conditioning, shine, hair restoration or thermal protection for a healthier look and feel
  • Sunscreens with non-tacky, long-lasting and comfortable wear benefits
  • BB creams with long-lasting coverage and illuminating benefits for a more-natural appearance

Our home care solutions enable a wide array of products, including:

  • Car waxes that are more easily applied and removed, with a brilliant, long-lasting shine
  • Laundry detergents that make clothes softer and more comfortable
  • Furniture polishes that provide a protective, high-gloss shine with less work
  • Window cleaners that help reduce streaking
  • Aerosol and liquid starches that provide nonstick, easy ironing

To find out how Momentive can produce results your company can see and feel, too, click below to contact one of our experts.

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Silsoft* EAU Microgel 

Silsoft EAU microgel can help deliver a wide range of textural effects and a refreshing, light, water-like feel to body lotions, creams and butters, foundations, moisturizers, serums and sunscreens. Learn more.

SilForm* HyFlex Emulsion

SilForm* HyFlex emulsion creates a flexible film with excellent properties enabling formulators to address the latest product trends in hair care, skin care and color cosmetics. Learn more.

SilForm* INX Fluid

SilForm INX fluid forms a transfer-resistant film, which helps keep color cosmetics in place while not compromising shine and comfort. Learn more.

Silsoft* AX and Silsoft AX-E PMF Emulsion

Silsoft* AX and Silsoft AX-E emulsions can enhance hair care products targeting dry, heat-damaged or color-treated hair. Learn more.

Silsoft* CLX-E Conditioning Agent

Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent can help hair care products restore damaged hair to a healthier state with benefits lasting through multiple washes. Learn more.

Silsoft* E-Pearl PMF Emulsion

Silsoft E-Pearl PMF emulsion may help personal care products formulations impart blurred appearances of fine line and wrinkles, improved absorbency and moist feel. Learn more.

Silsoft* Spread MAX Fluid

Silsoft Spread MAX fluid offers hydrolytically stable super-spreader features that can improve the end-use benefits of beauty and personal care products. A nonionic organomodified siloxane copolymer, ...

SM2059 Reactive Silicone Emulsion

SM2059 reactive silicone emulsion can provide performance benefits in household cleaners, textiles and water repellents to name a few. Learn more.

Velvesil* E-Gel PMF Emulsion

Velvesil* E-Gel PMF Emulsion delivers soft-focus benefits from aqueous formulations with a cushioning, long-lasting, moisturizing, powdery after-feel. Learn more.

Velvesil* Mul-T Gel

Velvesil* Mul-T gel can provide personal care products with a luxurious feel, enhanced natural coverage and minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Learn more.

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