Advanced Silicone Solutions for Optical Bonding Applications

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Momentive is a pioneer in developing solutions for optical bonding. Our portfolio of InvisiSil* Optical Bonding silicones is used in many different types of optical bonding applications worldwide. InvisiSil silicones offer long-term reliability for display components that operate in extreme conditions. They are available in many formulations that can integrate seamlessly into modern assembly systems. With low conductivity and chemical reactivity, thermal stability and the ability to form watertight seals, InvisiSil silicones are ideal for optical bonding. They are available in a range of curing formulations to allow maximum design flexibility while offering long-term reliability to manufacturers of optical displays.


InvisiSil UV Cure Silicones:

One part silicones that cure rapidly with UV light and remain flexible after curing to help protect against thermal shock, CTE mismatch and impact.

InvisiSil Thermal Cure Silicones:

Two part, transparent gels that can cure with low heat even in shadowed areas. High elongation properties allow them to retain their shape and resist tearing.

InvisiSil Snap Cure Silicones:

Two part, fast-curing silicones with a typical cure time of 10 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Non-yellowing, shadow curability and less than .5% shrinkage rate to help reduce CTE mismatch.

Invisisil UV Delay Cure Silicones:

Two-part silicone adhesives featuring delayed, UV light activated curing. Curing delay times can be controlled by UV intensity and/or duration.

  • UV Gel100 two-part UV delay cure silicone

InvisiSil Silicones for Dam and Fill:

One and two-part silicones with high dimensional stability, strong sealing and adhesive grip to help display manufacturers encapsulate and protect critical electronic components.


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* InvisiSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 

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