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Momentive’s high-purity fused quartz materials deliver optical clarity, design flexibility and durability in extreme environments for a range of industries.

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Fiber-Optic Quartz Rod

Momentive's fiber-optic quartz rods may serve as preform handles in the manufacturing of high-performing fiber-optic products. Learn more.

Fiber-Optic Quartz Tubing

An excellent candidate to consider for achieving low attenuation in optical fiber, Momentive's fiber-optic quartz tubing demonstrates excellent consistency. Learn more.

Lamp Tubing

With four basic grades available, fused quartz lamp tubing from Momentive features dimensional control and low hydroxyl content. Learn more.

Quartz Crucibles

Fused quartz crucibles from Momentive can meet stringent purity requirements and resist extreme high temperatures for semiconductor and high-end solar monosilicon ingot growth. Learn more.

Quartz Ingots

Momentive's fused quartz ingots can offer the high purity environment needed for wafer processing. Learn more.

Semiconductor Quartz Rods

Momentive's semiconductor quartz rods can enable the production of wafers by serving as carriers during high-temperature processing. Learn more.

Semiconductor Quartz Tubing

Momentive's semiconductor fused quartz tubing can withstand the thermal gradients and high temperatures associated with semiconductor processing. Learn more.

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