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Momentive Releases Sustainability Report

August 25,2020

GRI-Aligned Report Sets Stage for Next Generation Approach


Waterford, NY (August 20, 2020) – The “New” Momentive is taking progressive steps with an increased focus on sustainability as a key part of the company’s purpose. With publication of a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report, the company focuses on 2019 results while foreshadowing what is in store for the future.


“We will continue to elevate and integrate sustainability into Vision 2025, setting goals around energy consumption, waste, and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Enabling sustainability is not only the right thing for our business financially, but it is also the right thing to do socially. I am excited by the possibilities of a more sustainable future and by the impact Momentive can have,” President & CEO Sam Conzone, PhD, said.


He also outlined a number of Momentive products that are helping create a more sustainable world, “Our high-performance silicones and specialties products help customers solve challenges more sustainably in industries ranging from automotive, to beauty and personal care, agriculture, construction, and advanced consumer products.

• Momentive’s NXT* silanes contribute to reduced rolling resistance in tires resulting in lower vehicle fuel consumption and subsequent reductions in GHG emissions.

• In beauty and personal care, we are increasing developmental efforts on derived-natural additives.

• Our agricultural super spreaders allow farmers to use up to 90 percent less water versus conventional approaches, increasing crop yields and saving precious water and energy.

• Our roof coatings extend roof life, alleviating pressure on landfills.

• Our polyurethane additives enable some of the most efficient, thermally insulating foams commercially available, providing significant energy savings over the lifecycle of a refrigerator, water heater, or home appliance.”


Momentive is proud of the accomplishments presented in the 2019 Sustainability Report and will continue to drive sustainability: through Our People – where our global diversity, community involvement, and creative ideas broadly impact communities around the world; through Our Products – where technologically deep, innovative solutions enable our customers and their eventual end customers to reduce impacts on the planet; and through Our Plants – where our focus on reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions is leading to a cleaner planet.


These commitments continue to make Momentive a stronger company and a better corporate steward. The long-term vision of “Solutions for a Sustainable World” is one embraced by Momentive employees and the company’s new Korean owners.


You will find the full report on the company’s website: momentive.com here or https://www.momentive.com/en-us/sustainability.


About the Company

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, with a 75-year heritage of being first to market with performance applications for major industries that support and improve everyday life. The Company delivers science-based solutions by linking custom technology platforms to customer needs. Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of MOM Holding Company. Additional information about Momentive and its products is available at www.momentive.com.


*NXT is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials, Inc.

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