Momentive Performance Materials To Showcase Wide Variety Of New NIAX* Materials At PU CHINA 2013

August 29,2013

Momentive Performance Materials To Showcase Wide Variety Of New NIAX© Materials At PU CHINA 2013


WATERFORD, N.Y. (August 29, 2013) -- Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (MPM) will launch a number of new Niax* silicones, catalysts and process modifiers at PU China 2013, September 10-12 in Nanjing, China.  The Niax materials may be considered for use in a range of applications, including appliances, automotive, bedding, carpet, construction, furniture and sports gear.


Automotive: Niax molded foam additives offer reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and fogging, weight reduction, high yield and easy transition between TDI & MDI systems.

  • Niax Silicone L-3639(1), which can be considered for a wide variety of MDI based formulations, typically provides a lower siloxane emission when compared to industry standards.  Additionally, it offers wide processing latitude and has demonstrated good physical properties in many finished foam products.
  • Niax Catalyst EF-150(2) is a non-fugitive reactive blow amine catalyst to consider for use in molded foam applications. It offers a unique combination of low emission and delayed action properties providing lower force to crush, which can ultimately result in lower foam scrap during manufacturing. Niax Catalyst EF-150 can also provide higher final foam hardness when compared to traditional catalysts.

Furniture and bedding: Niax flexible slab foam additives offer multi-functionality while typically improving foam resilience, durability and sustainability.

  • Niax Catalyst EF-350 is a low-fugitive balanced tertiary amine catalyst to consider for use in slabstock foam.  It provides wider processing latitude when compared to traditional tertiary amine catalysts and it can dramatically reduce emissions from foam. Furthermore, Niax Catalyst EF-350 can reduce the emission of 2-ethyl-hexanoic acid (2-EHA) from foams.
  • Niax Silicone L-2118 can be considered for TDI and TDI/MDI high resilience (HR) slabstock foam.  When compared to industry standards, Niax Silicone L-2118 typically provides lower bottom voids in HR foam, improved top-to-bottom density gradient and a more uniform cell structure.

Carpet and electronics: Niax specialty froth additives can offer requirements critical to niche applications, especially in carpet underlayment and electronics applications.

  • Niax Catalyst LC-5630 typically provides a longer delay time with fast end-cure when compared to traditional catalysts, which results in good even flow.   It is a thermally-activated catalyst for use in mechanical frothed foam.

Appliance and Construction Insulation: Niax rigid additives offer foam formulators a wide portfolio of products to improve foam quality and properties.  Additionally, the additives help solve processing issues: foam stabilizers can help reduce voids and produce finer cells; adhesion promoters, PIR curing additives and additives can aid with processing open cells foams.

  • Niax Silicone Y-16206 is a surfactant that can be considered for panel application. It can contribute to improved FR performance while offering voids reduction and system compatibility.
  • Niax Silicone Y-16130 can help produce  low-defect foam used in high performance refrigerators, providing very fine and homogeneous cells with lower K factor and improved insulation, made with cyclo-pentane or in blends with HFC’s and HFOs.

MPM first introduced the Niax brand with the launch of a revolutionary silicone surfactant in 1962 and to this day, continues to advance the science of polyurethane foam technology to address customers’ specialized processing and performance needs. This more-than-50-year commitment to innovation in the polyurethane industry has culminated in one of the most comprehensive offerings of silicones, catalysts and process modifiers for polyurethane foam production, all under the Niax brand.


Visit booth 170 at PU China 2013 or to learn more.


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(1)Niax Silicone L-3639 is the subject of one or more pending patent 4.068.645 applications.  (2)Niax Catalyst EF-150 is protected by US patent 6.387.972 and its foreign counterpart patents.


*Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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