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Momentive Performance Materials to Showcase Wide Variety of New Niax* Additives at PU China 2016

November 10,2020

WATERFORD, N.Y. (July 18, 2016) – Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (MPM) will launch a number of new Niax silicones, catalysts and process modifiers at PU China 2016, August 2-4 in Shanghai. The Niax materials can be considered for use in a wide range of applications including automotive, consumer products, construction and electronics. Momentive will highlight developments in rigid foam as well as emission reduction additives for molded foam applications during technical presentations at the conference.

Momentive’s Urethane Additives business unit manufactures and markets a variety of performance additives and is a market leader across the entire polyurethane foam industry, supplying silicone surfactants, amine and tin catalysts and foam process modifiers. A pioneer in the market, Momentive has introduced a number of industry additive firsts, and continues to serve customers with leading innovations, creative solutions, best-in-class technical service, and one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry.

Products and applications highlighted at PU China include:

Automotive: Niax molded foam additives offer reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and fogging, weight reduction, high yield and easy transition between TDI & MDI systems.

  • Niax silicone L-3635 and L-3636 surfactants, which can be considered for a wide variety of TDI or TDI/MDI based formulations, typically provide a lower siloxane emission when compared to industry standards. Additionally, these surfactants offer wide processing latitude and have demonstrated good physical properties in many finished foam products. 
  • Niax catalyst EF-680 is a non-fugitive, high catalyzing, efficiency gelling amine catalyst for use in molded foam applications. It offers a unique combination of fast end cure while providing lower force to crush, which can ultimately result in lower foam scrap during manufacturing.

Furniture and bedding: Niax flexible slab foam additives offer multi-functionality while typically improving foam resilience, durability and sustainability.

  • Niax silicone L-645FL (1) is a medium potency flame lamination silicone with excellent flame retardancy performance which can improve bonding strength, and increase lamination speed for flame lamination ether foam applications.
  • Niax silicone L-594PLUS is a medium potency silicone for the production of conventional foam with densities from ~ 15-40kg/m3 with optimum foam stability, wide processing latitude, fine and regular cells with good density gradient.
  • Niax flame lamination additive FLE-500LF is a low viscosity additive to improve adhesion properties of polyether flame bonding foams. It can provide faster tack time and enhance bonding strength with phenol free properties.

Appliance and Construction Insulation: Niax rigid additives offer foam formulators a wide portfolio of products to improve foam quality and properties. Additionally, these additives can help solve a range of processing issues. Foam stabilizers can help reduce voids and produce finer cells, while adhesion promoters, PIR curing additives and additives can aid with the processing of open cells foams.

  • Niax silicone Y-16300 is a surfactant for HFC-245fa co-blown with c-pentane and HFO system for appliance and discontinuous panel foams. It can deliver very fine cells with low K factor along with good foam surface and less voids. 
  • Niax silicone L-6866 is a low lambda-value, low-defect foam filling silicone surfactant for refrigerators and discontinuous panels.
  • Niax silicone L-6642 is a low-defect foam filling surfactant for continuous and dis-continuous panels with improved compatibility performance with base polyols.
  • Niax silicone L-6620 is a surfactant that can provide very fine cell structure and offer low lambda value for appliance and LNG applications. It has excellent emulsification property, helps to reduce voids in PIR panel systems

Carpet and electronics: Niax specialty froth additives can help improve performance in a number of specialty niche applications, such as carpet underlay and electronics.

  • Niax catalysts LC-5635 and LC-5636 typically provide a longer delay time with fast end-cure when compared to traditional catalysts, which results in good even flow. It is an environmental responsible thermally-activated metal catalyst for use in mechanical frothed foam.
  • Niax silicone L-1169 is a reactive silicone surfactant containing hydrophilic polyether pendant groups that can improve resin compatibility performance and enhance anti-sticking property, good leveling and silky hand feeling for PU leather and top-coat application.

Momentive will present two technical papers discussing new product developments during the conference. Dragon Tong will present “Development of New Silicone Surfactants for High Performance Rigid Polyurethane Foam Application” during the Rigid Session. Additionally, Dr. Mary Ma will present “New Development of Emission Reduction Additives for Molded Foam Application” during the Automotive Session. Visit booth 80 at PU China 2016 or www.Momentive.com/Niax to learn more.

Media Contact:
Ashley Conger


*Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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