Niax* Flame Lamination Additive FLE-200LF

Low emission, flame lamination additive with improved adhesion properties of polyurethane flexible foam.

Niax* Flame Lamination Additive FLE-200LF is a low viscosity - low emission additive designed to improve adhesion properties of polyurethane flexible foam based on polyether polyols. FLE-200LF based foams impart good adhesion properties and bonding strength after flame lamination when compared to other common FL additives used in the market. FLE-200LF is easy to handle and it may be used as sole additive. Particularly suitable for automotive applications where low emission and low fogging properties are required.



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More About Niax* Flame Lamination Additive FLE-200LF

Product Key Features and Typical Benefits

  • Recommended levels between 4 - 8 parts per hundred parts of polyol (pphp)
  • Zero phenol and low emission
  • Wide processing latitude over a wide range of foam formulations
  • Good processing latitude can be maintained in the typical use level range by reducing Stannous Octoate by 15% to 30% and increasing amine catalyst by 10% to 20%
  • Addition of FLE-200LF may reduce Flame Retardant use level when compared to other FL products
  • Rapid re-solidification of melted foams offers stronger initial adhesion strength between foam and textile, thus providing faster lamination speed
  • FLE-200LF is a reactive material resulting in lower fogging and VOC potential
  • Good peeling strength can be achieved across a broad range of textiles and foam densities

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