Niax* Catalyst EF-700


As part of the Niax EF-series catalysts, Niax catalyst EF-700 is a liquid, low-odor, tertiary amine that can reduce or even remove amine emissions from foam. Originally created for automotive seat-molded foams, where interior fogging and emissions had to be kept to a minimum, today Niax catalyst EF-700 may also be considered for flexible slabstock applications where emissions need to be reduced. 


European Urethane Additives Guide

More About Niax* Catalyst EF-700

Niax catalyst EF-700 can be an effective blow amine that can be used to control cream and rise time during the manufacture of polyurethane flexible foams. As an efficient blow catalyst, Niax catalyst EF-700 is an excellent candidate to consider for pour-in-place uses where shorter cream time is required.

As part of the Niax EF-series catalysts, Niax catalyst EF-700's proprietary molecular design and high molecular weight provide a strong affinity to the chemical structure of urethane polymer, which does not typically affect the physical qualities of the foam. It is also easily metered using existing equipment, potentially allowing for easy processing with a variety of raw materials and equipment.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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