Niax* Catalyst A-300


An excellent candidate to consider for use in the production of automotive seating and worldwide contact upholstered furniture, Niax catalyst A-300 features a unique delayed reaction in the gelation process during the production of molded polyurethane foams. The liquid, water-soluble tertiary amine agent cures slowly to allow the foam components to completely fill the mold cavity, typically producing more open foam. 


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More About Niax* Catalyst A-300

Along with Niax catalyst A-400, Niax catalyst A-300 belongs to a class of superior catalysts that can significantly enhance the performance and production of a wide variety of automotive and upholstered furniture molded polyurethane foams. Facilitating a slower, more even flow in the mold, the catalyst typically produces more open foam that is less dense than those obtained with most traditional delayed-action catalysts by 1% to 5%.  

This delayed gel reaction feature may be especially good for MDI and TDI/MDI blends by promoting easier production of complex parts. Niax catalyst A-300 can enable  a 56% reduction in force-to-crush at low index - a substantial improvement over many competitive delayed-action catalysts - without impacting foam cure.

Niax* catalyst A-300 can be significantly less corrosive to mild steel.

Because of its ability to be used as a separate stream or blended with water or polyol for metering, the chemical agent can easily adapt to customer processing operations and may produce better results in the gel reaction of typical molded foam applications - especially in combination with a blowing catalyst like Niax catalyst A-1.

Potential applications for Niax catalyst A-300 include:


  • Automotive seating
  • Other automotive interior parts
  • Worldwide contact upholstered furniture

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

*Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.   

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