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Niax* Additive RA-1

Easy Processing for Polyisocyanurate Foam

A processing additive for rigid foams used for insulation, Niax additive RA-1 is an excellent candidate to consider in construction applications. For rigid panels, especially those made of polyisocyanurate foam for insulation boards and structural insulated panels, Niax additive RA-1 can improve green strength, dimension stability and facings adhesion.

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More About Niax* Additive RA-1

Niax additive RA-1 helps boost certain PIR reactions, enhancing the formation of a rigid polymer network after gelation occurs. Niax additive RA-1 is typically particularly useful for improving surface cure, flatness and stiffness of PIR boards and metal faced structural insulated panels, and for generally improving the processing of PIR foams. 

Used in the manufacture of rigid PIR foams that are mainly produced by continuous lamination, Niax additive RA-1 can also be useful for other polyurethane applications. Niax additive RA-1 can be added to most existing formulations, where it can improve curing and green strength with minimum impact on reaction time, making it applicable to processes requiring a slow reaction time. It is easy to handle, is highly miscible with polyols and has low odor. 

While typically producing a better-quality product, Niax additive RA-1 can potentially improve production efficiency by boosting yield and creating less scrap. Better panel flatness, reduction of surface defects, faster cure times and increased green strength may all be achievable with Niax additive RA-1, allowing for thinner facing materials and less heated molds and conveyors.

Potential applications for Niax additive RA-1 include: 

  • Rigid panels, especially those made of polyisocyanurate foam for insulation
  • Structural insulated panels with metal sheet facings
  • Co-catalyst in rigid foam application where foam cure speed needs to be increased

*Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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