Magnasoft* 590 Textile Softener


A ready-to-use, water-based, water-dispersible concentrate, Magnasoft 590 textile softener balances softness with hydrophilicity on virtually all types of fabrics. Compared to other aminofunctional silicone softeners on the market, the unique emulsion generally leaves fabrics with a comfortable, more natural-feeling softness. Plus, it typically boosts fabric bounce and resistance to wrinkles.



More About Magnasoft* 590 Textile Softener

This specialty silicone emulsion softener generally delivers a wide range of benefits to most fabric types, including cotton knits, cotton sheets, cotton/spandex blends, polyester knits, polyester/cotton blends and other cellulose fabrics. It typically works to preserve the water and perspiration-absorbing hydrophilic nature of cotton and other cellulose fabrics - without sacrificing a smooth, soft, silky hand feel. On cotton and cotton-blended fabrics, it generally offers a finish that is particularly dry and cool to the touch. Magnasoft 590 textile softener won't yellow or discolor white or colored fabrics.  

Magnasoft 590 textile softener is a translucent off-white to yellow liquid formulated with no alkylphenol-based chemicals. As a water-dispersible concentrate, it is an excellent choice for consideration by both textile formulators and textile mills, and affords versatile compatibility with most textile finishing and printing processes.

Notably, Magnasoft 590 textile softener maintains shear stability over broad pH and temperature ranges in a finishing bath, between 4 and 10 pH and up to 80° C. Because it remains stable even in alkaline conditions and in the presence of salts, it can be used in most equipment and methods for textile finishing processes.

Optimum dosages for required softness, fabric type and finishing conditions vary, but 5 to 20 g/L can offer excellent results in silky, nongreasy softness that are generally noticeably superior to other aminosilicone micro-emulsions available.    

Potential applications for Magnasoft 590 textile softener include:

  • Cotton knits
  • Cotton sheets
  • Cotton/spandex blends
  • Polyester knits, polyester/cotton blends
  • Other cellulose fabrics  

*Magnasoft is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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