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Cleaning of Fused Quartz

For applications in which cleanliness is important, Momentive Performance Materials recommends the following:

  • The product, particularly tubing, should be washed in deionized or distilled water with a degreasing agent added to the water 
  • Fused quartz should then be placed in a 7% (maximum) solution of ammonium bi-flouride for no more than ten minutes, or a 10 vol % (maximum) solution of hydrofluoric acid for no more than five minutes 
  • Etching of the surface will remove a small amount of fused quartz material as well as any surface contaminants 
  • To avoid water spotting, which may attract dirt and cause devitrification upon subsequent heating, fused quartz should be rinsed several times in deionized or distilled water and dried rapidly 
  • Use of clean cotton gloves at all times is essential to reduce possibility of contamination