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Chemical Composition of Fused Quartz

Fused quartz is an amorphous glassy material, which has much reduced trace element levels compared to traditional glass materials. Starting from naturally occurring rocks or synthesized powder, Momentive’s finished quartz product can reach a purity level from ppm to ppb.


Beta Factor

Momentive’s quartz products have a very low hydroxyl level, which results from the unique electric fusion process. The term Beta Factor is often used to characterize the hydroxyl (OH-) content of fused quartz. This term is defined by the calculation of hydroxyl content from IR transmission, shown below.

 equation beta factor 2


Controlled Process

The performance of most fused quartz products is closely related to the purity of the material. Momentive Performance Materials' proprietary raw material beneficiation and fusion processes are closely monitored and controlled to yield a ppm and a ppb level of purity for natural and synthetic grade quartz products, respectively.


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