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Silcat* 17 Industrial Silane

Silcat* 17 silane, with the additon of an appropriate peroxide, may be used in a one-step crosslinking system for polyethylene, in wire and cable and PEX-b pipe applications. Learn more.

CoatOSil* 1770 Silane

CoatOSil* 1770 silane is a cycloaliphatic expoxy silane that can enhance adhesion and stability in water-borne coating formulations. Learn more today.

CoatOSil* 2287 Silane

CoatOSil 2287 silane enables the formulation of coatings with improved wet adhesion and resistance to water and organic solvents. Learn more today.

CoatOSil* DRI Waterborne Silicone

CoatOSil DRI waterborne silicone is a low viscosity emulsion that can improve water and UV resistance resulting in more flexible coatings and sealants. Learn more.

Silcat* R Industrial Silanes 

Silcat* R is an excellent candidate to consider for the crosslinking of polyethylene for use in wire jacketing and low-voltage power cable insulation. Learn more.

Silcat* RHE Silane

Silcat* RHE silane is a superior crosslinking system that may be used for the manufacture of crosslinked LLDPE polyethylene LV and MV cables. Learn more.

Silox* 23 Silane

Designed to crosslink high-density polyethylene (HDPE) PEX pipe, Silox 23 silane can be used in the Monosil one-step process or Sioplas two-step process. Learn more.

Silquest * A-1170 Silane

Silquest* A-1170 silane is a secondary aminofunctional bis-silane that may find use as an adhesion promoter and coupling agent in coatings, adhesives & sealants as well as general industrial applications. Learn more.

Silquest A-171* Silane

Silquest* A-171 silane results in Si-O-Si crosslink sites that are highly resistant to the effects of exposure to moisture, chemicals and UV rays. Learn more.

Silquest* A-Link* 15 Silane

Silquest A-Link 15 silane, unlike a standard primary amino silane, can help maintain viscosity stability when used as a prepolymer endcapper.

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