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Niax* Additive AP-01

Niax* additive AP-01 foam adhesion promoter may be used with rigid polyurethane foams and may improve adhesion to substrates of foams. Learn more.

Niax* Additive RA-1

Niax* additive RA-1 can improve green strength, dimensional stability and facings adhesion, and is an excellent candidate to consider in construction applications. Learn more.

Niax* Catalyst Stannous Octoate

Niax* catalyst stannous octoate is an excellent candidate for use in the production of polyurethane flexible slabstock foam and is typically used in the production of furniture, bedding and carpet. Learn more.

Niax* Color Stabilizer CS-22LF

Niax* color stabilizer CS-22LF is an additive to consider for use in flexible urethane foam formulations to help prevent foam discoloration and improve color stability. Learn more.

Niax* Flame Lamination Additive FLE-200LF

Niax flame lamination additive FLE-200LF is a low-viscosity additive developed to improve adhesion properties of polyether flame bonding foams used mainly in the production of polyurethane flexible fo ...

Niax* Foam Hardener FH-400

Niax* FH-400 foam hardener additive is used in the production of polyurethane foam formulations for furniture, carpet and bedding. Learn more.

Niax* Processing Additive DP-1022

Niax* processing additive DP-1022 is a reactive polyfunctional additive that finds utility in improving significantly tensile/elongation/tear properties of a number of urethane foam applications. Learn more.

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