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Magnasoft* 130LT Softener

Magnasoft* 130LT softener imparts a smooth, silky touch to treated fabrics without causing yellowing or other discoloration. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 2059 Textile Softener

Versatile, economical Magnasoft* 2059 textile softener adds a smooth, slick feel to mercerized cotton, wool and wool-blend knits. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 238 Textile Enhancer

Magnasoft* 238 textile enhancer is water-dispersible and may provide a soft, slick feel to treated garments while minimizing yellowing and improving shear stability. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 305 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 305 textile softener is a linear, aminofunctional silicone polymer that works to improve softness while enhancing the physical properties of fabrics. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 310 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 310 textile softener is versatile, easy to use and may significantly soften treated fabrics as well as impart good stretch recovery. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 68 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 68 textile softener is a water-dispersible, self-crosslinkable emulsion that may help improve textile elasticity and fabric resiliency, as well as reduce wrinkles. Learn more.

Magnasoft* MT80 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* MT80 textile softener imparts a soft, silk-like, full hand feel to fabrics, including cotton, synthetics, knits and other woven fabrics. Learn more.

Magnasoft* Plus Textile Softener

Magnasoft* Plus textile softener is a specially engineered, low-amino-containing silicone fluid that maximizes the soft feel of treated fabrics without discoloration. Learn more.

Magnasoft* SRS Textile Softener

Magnasoft* SRS textile softener combines premium silky softness with the performance of soil release in treated fabrics without yellowing over time. Learn more.

Magnasoft* SRS-70 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* SRS 70 textile softener is a durable, stable fabric softener that adds a full, silky softness to a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, synthetics and blends. Learn more.

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