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SilForm* HyFlex Emulsion

Multi-Functional Film Former

SilForm HyFlex emulsion is a hybrid silicone-organic acrylate in the form of a mini-emulsion for personal care applications. Upon drying, Silform HyFlex emulsion forms a highly flexible film that promotes differentiated benefits such as resistance to water and oil and long wear with soft feel and comfort. This film former can be incorporated into color cosmetics, skin care and hair care formulations including foundations, , mascaras, and hair styling products etc.


The innovative technology behind SilForm HyFlex emulsion is a multifunctional ingredient that enables formulators to address the latest product trends in hair care, skin care and color cosmetics.


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SilForm HyFlex Color Cosmetics Marketing Bulletin

More About SilForm* HyFlex Emulsion

SilForm Hyflex emulsion may be considered for use as a stand-alone or  in combination with other film formers.


SilForm Hyflex emulsion has the following key features and typical benefits:

Film Properties

  • Mechanical strength
  • Elastic/highly flexible
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Gloss


Application Benefits

  • Enhanced comfort and wear ability of personal care formulations
  • Extended durability for long wear cosmetics
  • Water and oil resistance in color cosmetics
  • Transfer resistance in color cosmetics
  • Helps provide smoother feel to skin
  • Helps prevent moisture loss in skin care products


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