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When silicone’s properties are desired throughout a formulation that has significant water content, Momentive’s emulsions can provide the delivery mechanism. Our silicone emulsions may help to deliver lubricity and sensory enhancement to personal care products, foam control to antifoams, and release lubricity and antiblock properties to mold release agents.

Momentive's versatile and compatible premium-quality emulsions excel in a wide variety of operating conditions and fluid environments.

  • In hair products, Silsoft* emulsions can enhance deposition from rinse-off products and potentially aid leave-on conditioners with detangling and smoothing effects. Silsoft emulsions can help provide moisturizing properties in both hair care and skin care products, and some Silsoft emulsions can even be post-added to existing formulations.
  • For manufacturing beverages, juices, sauces, condiments and flavorings - where quality and purity are also essential - Momentive emulsions may also help meet stringent regulatory standards and enhance productivity by potentially reducing processing time and maintenance costs, and by providing longer machinery service life.
  • Our SAG* and SagTex* antifoam emulsions service the oil and gas and the textile industries. Because these emulsions exhibit outstanding stability at high temperatures, they can help reduce clogging or scaling of equipment, potentially resulting in fewer maintenance needs.
  • Benefits of our mold-release emulsions include easy release, low volatility, good lubricity and high temperature stability.
  • Our reactive silicone emulsions can be indispensible in creating polishes, household cleaners, fiber and thread lubricants, nonwoven textile treatments, softeners, and modifiers.

Some of our emulsions also feature higher solids content than comparable competing products, which means that high performance can be delivered with lower use levels.

Explore how Momentive emulsions deliver silicone benefits to your industry. 

* Silsoft, SAG and SagTex are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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AF9000 NE Silicone Antifoam

AF9000 NE silicone antifoam can help provide maximum foam control in many types of industrial applications, from chemical processing to food processing. Learn more.

CoatOSil* DRI Waterborne Silicone

CoatOSil DRI waterborne silicone is a low viscosity emulsion that can improve water and UV resistance resulting in more flexible coatings and sealants. Learn more.

SAG* 710 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG* 710 antifoam emulsion is an aqueous system foam controller for use when very high standards of quality and purity are required.

SAG* 7133 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG* 7133 antifoam emulsion controls foam in amine and glycol dehydration units. Learn more.

SAG* 720

SAG* 720 foam control agent is an aqueous system foam controller that can help provide excellent quality and purity in many food processing applications. Learn more.

SAG* 730

SAG* 730 antifoam emulsion is an aqueous system foam controller that can control foam in nonionic, anionic and cationic surfactants over a broad pH range. Learn more.

SilForm* HyFlex Emulsion

SilForm* HyFlex emulsion creates a flexible film with excellent properties enabling formulators to address the latest product trends in hair care, skin care and color cosmetics. Learn more.

Silsoft* AX and Silsoft AX-E PMF Emulsion

Silsoft* AX and Silsoft AX-E emulsions can enhance hair care products targeting dry, heat-damaged or color-treated hair. Learn more.

Silsoft* CLX-E Conditioning Agent

Silsoft CLX-E conditioning agent can help hair care products restore damaged hair to a healthier state with benefits lasting through multiple washes. Learn more.

Silsoft* E-Pearl PMF Emulsion

Silsoft E-Pearl PMF emulsion may help personal care products formulations impart blurred appearances of fine line and wrinkles, improved absorbency and moist feel. Learn more.

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*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.