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The best demulsifying agents are characterized by high separation speed, a sharp and clear oil/brine interface, a clear water phase, and a very limited quantity of water in the separated crude. Our demulsifiers have been engineered to help achieve substantial results, even at low dosages. And the same Momentive technology that breaks emulsions also serves effectively as a critical component in emulsion prevention formulations. With heavy or light crudes, tight emulsions or tough conditions – like environmentally sensitive locations or situations demanding low-temperature demulsification – our additives may address the challenges presented to our oil and gas customers.

Headlined by our well-known Silbreak* brand products, our demulsifiers can typically provide exceptional performance when used as the only demulsifying agent. Alternatively, they may deliver a remarkable boost in the speed of separation when used in combination with organic demulsifers. Momentive demulsifying agents combine the high surface activity of silicone polymers with the water or oil solubility of organic substituents. Because of these properties, they provide faster separation of water from crude oil, generally reduce sludge and also often demonstrate superior foam control.

As non-emulsifiers, our products may help to prevent damage to the producing formation, increase oil or gas production, and decrease liquid flow back. They are compatible and soluble, and form a clear solution with fracturing/completion fluid; and they are robust in a high salt environment. Emulsion prevention applications during well stimulation and drilling include fracturing, completion, acid stimulation and drilling operations. 

Discover how our demulsifiers and non-emulsifiers may effectively and efficiently enhance your operations. 

* Silbreak is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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