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Silquest* A-1524 Silane

100% Active Adhesion Solution

A 100% active ureidosilane, Silquest A-1524 silane is specially formulated to promote superior adhesion across a wide range of applications including resins, substrates, fillers and reinforcements. Being 100% active, Silquest A-1524 silane contains no alcohol or other solvent diluent. These traits make Silquest A-1524 silane an excellent choice for use in reactive polymer systems such as isocyanate-terminated polyurethane polymers. With its methoxysilane ester reactive groups, Silquest A-1524 silane exhibits fast hydrolysis of the silane ester group.


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Silquest* A-1524 Marketing Bulletin

More About Silquest* A-1524 Silane

Ureidofunctional, Silquest A-1524 silane has demonstrated longer pot life and stability than traditional aminosilanes - especially when used within reactive polymer systems as phenolic, epoxy, ureamelamine or polyurethane. Silquest A-1524 silane also guards against color generation and aging, and provides nitrogen reactivity without the strong basic characteristics of typical aminosilanes. Silquest A-1524 exhibits excellent urethane adhesion and sealant adhesion.

Potential applications for Silquest A-1524 silane include:

  • Fiberglass, particulate fillers or metals combined or over-coated with phenolic, urea-melamine, epoxy resins, polyamide and/or polyurethane polymers
  • Adhesives, sealants and glass fiber
  • Wool insulation
  • Primers
  • Foundry sand
  • Abrasive grinding-wheel binders  

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

* Silquest is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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