As one of Momentive's innovative proprietary products, Carbo NXT silane is a superior coupling agent engineered for silica-reinforced tire tread compounds. This NXT silane is in powder form for use when liquid silanes are inconvenient. The excellent dynamic properties and improved resilience make it an ideal candidate to consider for silica tire production when liquid systems are occupied or unavailable.



NXT* Silane for Dispersing High Surface Area Silica
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CARBO NXT* Silane Marketing Bulletin

More About CARBO NXT* Silane

Carbo NXT silane generally provides the same potential for enhanced tire performance and system cost efficiencies as NXT* silane.  It has been shown to reduce rolling resistance without significant loss of wet traction, and production efficiency may be better than achieved with many standard sulfur silanes. When used in silica compounds, Carbo NXT silane typically enables improved silica dispersion, reduced viscosity and higher temperature mixing.   

Tire manufacturers like Carbo NXT silane because of its improved processing in silica compounds compared to standard sulfur silanes. Its blocked mercaptosilane functionality makes Carbo NXT silane more thermally stable, allowing for higher mixing temperatures with shorter mixing cycles. This may help the overall throughput of a given mixer and also may lead to reduced waste. The plasticizing effect allows Carbo NXT silane to help reduce compound viscosity verses standard sulfur silanes and may lead to a reduction of total mix cycles.  The resulting lower compound viscosity can also positively affect downstream processes such as milling and extrusion. Carbo NXT silane-containing compounds also exhibit improved aged viscosity stability, allowing for a green compound to stay on the manufacturing floor with little to no viscosity increase.  

Discover how Carbo NXT silane can be versatile and adaptable.  

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