SilForce* SS4191 Release Coating

Reliable Release for Most Applications

SilForce SS4191 release coating is the base polymer component of a solvent- borne release coating system. SilForce SS4191 release coating typically cures to a premium release silicone coating with reliable release properties from the toughest adhesives. Because it is applied from solvent and includes a large amount of polar silyl hydride when cured, it can anchor well to most film substrates and can be used as a primer for most methyl silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, thus facilitating the manufacture of  adhesive tapes.



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SilForce* Release Coatings Brochure

More About SilForce* SS4191 Release Coating

The SilForce SS4191 release coating system is a versatile release agent that may be suitable for use in the automotive, electronics, packaging and converting industries.  The cure chemistry of SilForce SS4191 release coating is a condensation crosslinking reaction that is not affected by substances commonly found in many substrates, making it potentially applicable to a wide range of films, papers and even metals. SilForce SS4191 release coating can also serve as an effective primer for anchorage of methyl silicone PSAs. SilForce SS4191 release coating is a solution of high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane in solvent that, when crosslinked, can provide a low-energy, low- modulus coating that releases a wide range of aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesives.  The SilForce SS4191 release coating system tends to perform well where other silicone release agents do not.

SilForce SS4191 release coating is one component in a system of products that are compounded together and further reduced with additional solvent to facilitate coating to low-coat-weight defect, free release surfaces. When SilForce SS4191 release coating is compounded in a coating bath with SS4192C catalyst, SS4259C accelerator and solvent, the formulation is a tin catalyzed condensation cure coating that may resist cure inhibition, potentially making it effective even on substrates that often prevent platinum-catalyzed addition cure systems from curing properly. Formulated coating baths may be easily applied to liner materials using Mayer rod or other techniques.    

Potential applications for SilForce SS4191 release coating include:

  • Versatile silicone release liner
  • Primer for methyl silicone PSAs
  • Defect-free low-coat-weight liners  

*SilForce is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 

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