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SilForce* SL6510 Release Coating

Flat Peel Release Profile

SilForce SL6510 release coating  is a solution of silicone-soluble platinum catalyst in SilForce SL6500 multivinyl silicone base polymer.

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SilForce* Release Coatings Brochure

More About SilForce* SL6510 Release Coating

While other catalyst solutions use vinyl-stopped silicone carriers that reduce crosslink density of cured release coatings (resulting in a more dynamic peel release profile), SilForce SL6510 release coating includes one of the industry's generally most preferred hydrosilation catalysts dissolved in a multifunctional vinyl silicone polymer. SilForce SL6510 release coating can be an excellent choice to consider for high-modulus silicone release coatings required for flat peel release profile liner performance.

SilForce SL6510 release coating  is typically recommended for use with other high-vinyl-containing silicone-based release agents such as SilForce SL6500 release coating. Because the SilForce SL6510 release coating carrier is similar to the SilForce SL6500 polymer, its use in SilForce SL6500 release coating systems typically does not reduce cured coating moduli, thus generally insuring low peel release at high strip speeds desired for high-speed converting operations.

SilForce SL6510 release coating used with SilForce SL6500-based coatings, or other high-vinyl polymer release coating systems, may be an excellent candidate to consider when a flat peel release profile is required. SilForce SL6510 release coating is a typically stable concentrated platinum catalyst package intended for use with Momentive SL6500-based systems.

 Potential applications for SilForce SL6510 release coating include: 

  • Release liners for pressure-sensitive adhesive label stock and tape
  • High-speed label applications

* SilForce is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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