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SilForce* SL6210 Release Coating

Versatile Platinum Catalyst Dispersion

A dispersion of active platinum catalyst developed for use in a wide range of addition-cure silicone release coatings, SilForce SL6210 release coating is a concentrated solution of silicone-soluble platinum hydrosilation catalyst in a vinylsilicone polymer carrier. SilForce SL6210 release coating may also be suitable as a catalyst for 100% solids and solvent-borne addition-cure silicone release coatings.

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SilForce* Release Coatings Brochure

More About SilForce* SL6210 Release Coating

Containing one of the more generally preferred hydrosilation catalysts in the industry dispersed in a reactive vinylsilicone polymer carrier, SilForce SL6210 release coating can typically be formulated with any vinyl-functional silicone polymer base coating system. SilForce SL6210 catalyst is a source of platinum catalyst that can promote crosslinking of vinylsilicone base polymers with silane (SiH)-functional silicone crosslinking polymers. SilForce SL6210 release coating should be used with Momentive thermal solventless systems (such as SilForce SL6161 release coating and SilForce SL6961 release coating) as a platinum source, and may be considered for use in combination with preblends such as SilForce SL6625 release coating to increase platinum levels and speed cure. 

SilForce SL6210 release coating is a highly active catalyst concentrate that can promote rapid addition reaction of silicone-bonded vinyl groups with silicone-bonded hydrogen that affects rapid change of a coating from a liquid to a crosslinked, stable adhesive solid. SilForce SL6210 release coating is typically safe and stable under ambient storage, and can be an excellent choice for catalysis of addition-cure silicone release coatings. 

Potential applications for SilForce SL6210 release coating include:

  • Release liners for pressure-sensitive adhesive label stock and tape

* SilForce is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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