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Titanium Diboride Powders

Extreme-Hardness Ceramic Powder

Produced using a continuous chemical process that controls stoichiometry and particle size, Momentive titanium diboride powders are high purity and have consistent physical and chemical properties. Combining superior hardness along with corrosion resistance, titanium diboride powders have an exceptionally high melting point, >2900° C, and demonstrate superior oxidation resistance, up to 1000° C. Known for their extreme hardness-nearly as hard as diamonds when sintered-titanium diboride powders can be used in military armor or in ceramic cutting tools.


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Titanium Diboride Powder Grades HCT-30 & HCT-F

More About Titanium Diboride Powders

Capable of providing exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity with flat, plate-shaped particles, titanium diboride powders are designed to boost thermal conductivity when used as a filler in polymeric matrices. Formulated for superior chemical resistance, titanium diboride powders do not react to molten, nonferrous metals (like Cu, Zn and Al), which enables them to be used as crucibles, vacuum metallization components and electrodes in the processing of those nonferrous materials. Titanium diboride powders can be easily hot-pressed into customized shapes and forms, which may also be engineered to meet tight tolerances and complex patterns, under certain conditions.

Potential applications for titanium diboride powders include: 

  • Aluminum metal processing
  • Refractory and aluminum evaporation
  • Military vehicle armor
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity applications
  • Nonreactive, molten nonferrous metal processing

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