Pyrolytic Boron Nitride


An anisotropic, high-temperature ceramic exhibiting a combination of high electrical resistance and thermal conductivity, pyrolytic boron nitride is an excellent candidate to consider for applications where superior strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and thermal shock resistance are required. Nonhazardous under normal conditions, nonporous and exceptionally pure, pyrolytic boron nitride can be deposited and then easily machined into shapes for use as crucibles, boats, plates, tubes and bottles, and other applications. 



More About Pyrolytic Boron Nitride

Known for its directional thermal conductivity and ability to provide optimal "heat spreading," pyrolytic boron nitride demonstrates improved temperature uniformity. Resistant to thermal shock, pyrolytic boron nitride excels as a sealant and protects graphite from corrosive atmospheres including most molten metals, acids and hot ammonia environments. Pyrolytic boron nitride also proves extremely effective as an electrical insulator.

Potential applications for pyrolytic boron nitride include: 

  • Compound semiconductor crystal growth
  • Wafer processing
  • Electronic assembly
  • Metallurgical applications
  • Thin film manufacturing

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