Carbide Coatings


Designed for durability, Momentive Performance Materials’ TaC, NbC and ZrC carbide coatings work to resist chemical breakdown caused by corrosive liquids and gases at extremely high temperatures. While increasingly found in applications such as sealing and protecting graphite hardware, they work to guard against hot ammonia, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid and molten metals. TaC carbide coating, for example, is well-known for its superior resistance to hot hydrogen in silane and ammonia environments.



More About Carbide Coatings

Formulated to be uniform, protective and extremely wear-resistant, Momentive Performance Materials’ carbide coatings have proven to provide long life and low particle generation. They are electrically conductive and can conform to even the most intricate geometry. Momentive carbide coatings are used successfully in compound semiconductor epitaxial processes such as MOCVD and LPE.

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