SAG* TP-317 Antifoam


An excellent candidate to consider for diesel fuel applications, Momentive's SAG TP-317 antifoam is based on a modified polydimethyl siloxane. This halogen-free silicone antifoam has been shown to offer improved compatibility and stability, potentially providing better overall performance in the downstream oil and gas industries.


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Silicone Materials for Oil & Gas Applications

More About SAG* TP-317 Antifoam

Durable in application yet easily compatible with most diesel fuel additive packages, this highly effective, non-aqueous agent typically exhibits little significant loss in antifoam performance after even four weeks of aging. Because of its very low water solubility, SAG TP-317 antifoam is normally less prone to deactivation by the small amounts of water present in the diesel fuel. Its de-aeration capabilities may help to increase productivity in refined product applications such as foam control in lube oil applications.  

The versatility of SAG TP-317 antifoam allows it to be added to the diesel additive package neatly, but in the case of difficult or highly concentrated packages, compatibility can be obtained by the use of an alcohol like 2-ethyl hexanol, isodecanol or aromatic solvents. It generally requires low addition levels to diesel fuel, although the actual concentration of SAG TP-317 antifoam required may depend on the exact composition of the diesel fuel and the degree of foam control required.  

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