FF170 Fluorosilicone


FF170 fluorosilicone is a 100% active silicone polymer modified with fluoro-containing groups and is an excellent candidate to consider for difficult nonaqueous foam systems. The benefits of silicone and fluorocarbon chemistries come together in FF170 to help provide long-lasting foam control in a variety of systems. It can be particularly effective in those found with petroleum stocks in high-pressure separators. Conventional antifoams (e.g., those based on polydimethylsiloxanes) are usually soluble and may actually cause foam stabilization rather than foam control. The chemical, petroleum and dry-cleaning industries can benefit from a more potent foam-control agent, such as that found in FF170 fluorosilicone. 


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More About FF170 Fluorosilicone

With resistance to chemicals and oxidation, FF170 fluorosilicone may be used in extreme air conditions and high chemical reactivity. It also displays a low surface tension and can be used at very low treat rates, providing efficient foam control in situations where there are few cost-effective alternatives available. Additional typical benefits of FF170 fluorosilicone when used in high-pressure (gas-oil) separators include:

  • Excellent foam control due to their near-zero liquid carry-over and gas carry-under, which can help enable downstream compressors and secondary/tertiary separators to operate optimally
  • Allowing the use of smaller high-pressure separators while maintaining throughput, which can be particularly useful in space-constrained, offshore platform designs
  • Increasing the productivity of existing equipment without needing to install new machinery, which may reduce overall cost for the end user
  • Potentially reducing capital costs needed for deep-water drilling and their offshore platforms
  • Potentially reducing shutdown risk in deep-water offshore platforms where pressure excursions can lead to uncontrolled foaming when conventional antifoams are used



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