SnapSil* TN3005 Adhesive Sealant


SnapSil TN3005 adhesive sealant is a high-performance silicone adhesive sealant that has obtained UL † certification, and is generally used in the manufacture of electronic components. Featuring fast tack-free time and low volatility, it is typically not corrosive to most types of metal, and can generally adhere without the use of primers to many substrates. 


snapsil tn3005
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More About SnapSil* TN3005 Adhesive Sealant

A one-component siloxane silicone adhesive sealant, SnapSil TN3005 adhesive sealant is typically effective when applied to a wide variety of substrates used in electronic component manufacturing.

Potential applications of the product include:

  • Insulating adhesive seal and fixing for electrical and electronic parts
  • Waterproof sealant for electrical, electronic, and communication equipment
  • General adhesive for metal, glass, plastics, etc.

Because the product generally cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture, the cure speed of SnapSil TN3005 adhesive sealant can be affected by humidity and temperature. The deeper the area to which the product was applied, the longer the cure time will be.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

* SnapSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

† UL is a trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

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