SilGrip* PSA915 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


SilGrip PSA915 silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive has been developed to provide a good balance of tack and peel for high temperature applications. Cohesive strength and tack retention generally under harsh conditions and high temperatures make this adhesive a possible model for heat-sealing applications.


More About SilGrip* PSA915 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

SilGrip PSA915 pressure sensitive adhesive, typically applied at either high or low temperatures, may exhibit superior aging properties, shear strength and tack to applied surfaces at intermittent temperatures up to 550° F - aiding in the potential for applications such as flame spray masking tape. 

By maintaining a balance of tack and peel, this solution of polysiloxane gum and resin may promote strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including low surface energy silicones. Typically resistant to moisture, weathering, sunlight, ozone, mildew and chemicals, this adhesive may be an excellent candidate when durability is required for use in a variety of potential applications in the automotive, industrial production, aerospace and transportation industries. 

Functional and easy to use, SilGrip PSA915 pressure sensitive adhesive may be processed with traditional PSA coating equipment. It may also be blended with SR545 resin dispersion or other methyl-based silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives to obtain specific performance properties. 

Potential applications for SilGrip PSA915 pressure sensitive adhesive may include: 

  • Heat seal
  • Flame spray masking

* SilGrip is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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