SilGrip* PSA610 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Developed for clean removability, SilGrip PSA610 silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive may be an excellent candidate to consider for use in manufacturing industrial pressure-sensitive tapes. Generally able to maintain a good balance of tack and peel, the toluene solution of polysiloxane gum and resin works to exhibit adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.


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More About SilGrip* PSA610 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

SilGrip PSA610 adhesive is a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is developed to generally be easily removed, while helping leave minimal silicone residue on applied surfaces - making it a suitable candidate for electronic masking tapes. 

Intended to perform at both high and low temperatures, SilGrip PSA610 pressure sensitive adhesive typically maintains shear strength and tack at intermittent temperatures up to 550° F. Demonstrating resistance to moisture, weathering, sunlight, ozone, fungus and chemicals, it may exhibit durability in a variety of potential applications in the automotive and electronics industries - including electrical insulation tapes, plasma spray masking, EMI and RFI shielding, and splicing operations. It may also deliver an excellent bond to low-energy surfaces like silicones, fluoropolymers and polyolefin without generally sacrificing tack.

SilGrip PSA610 pressure sensitive adhesive should be diluted further with aromatic solvents to achieve a desired coating viscosity or should be blended with other methyl-based silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives to possibly obtain specific performance properties.     

Potential applications for SilGrip PSA610 pressure sensitive adhesive may include: 

  • Electronic masking tape
  • Heat seal tape
  • Electrical tape

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