Silquest* A-151NT Silane


An excellent candidate for crosslinking organic polymers, Silquest A-151NT silane offers optimal vinyl and silane functionality. Useful as a crosslinker in systems where greater elongation is required, Silquest A-151NT silane may also be used for chain extension of RTV silicones, other silanes or in OH functional polymers. When Silquest A-151NT silane is used, the resulting Si-O-Si crosslink sites are highly resistant to moisture exposure, chemical damage and harmful UV rays. Siloxane crosslinks generally will not generate color and are also resistant to acid rain.


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More About Silquest* A-151NT Silane


Silquest A-151NT silane's vinyl functionality allows for free radical addition to polymers while also increasing the rate of silane hydrolysis. Silquest A-151NT silane also possesses trimethoxysilane functionality, allowing it to bond to inorganic substrates to provide excellent wet and dry adhesion. Its chemical structure also allows for optimal formulator control of hydrolysis rates.

A monomeric functional silane in vinyl, vinyl acrylic and acrylic resins, Silquest A-151NT silane can be added as a monomer during emulsion polymerization to form silane-modified latexes. Because the silane in these kinds of latexes functions as a crosslinker, very stable Si-O-Si linkages are formed.

Vinyl silanes also can be grafted to select unsaturated polymers, including polyethylene, polyester and styrene-butadiene copolymers, through free radical chemistry. After grafting, the resin exhibits silane functionality, allowing the resin to be crosslinked through an ambient moisture-cure mechanism. By using this approach, high temperature resistance as well as tensile and tear strengths may be improved in thermoplastic resin-based materials.

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