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CoatOSil* 7608 Coatings Additive

Wetting at Very Low Doses

Incorporating CoatOSil 7608 trisiloxane coatings additive into water-borne coatings and inks can help with  smooth and efficient spreading, even on hard-to-wet surfaces . CoatOSil 7608 coatings can help generate low surface tension, even when used in low dosages, as well as promote a glossy finish and reduce surface defects in the cured coating.

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CoatOSil* and Silquest* Additives, Surfactants and Silanes

More About CoatOSil* 7608 Coatings Additive

As a trisiloxane, CoatOSil 7608 coatings additive can help to greatly lower aqueous surface tension, thus promoting wetting in water-based coating systems. While generally considered for use in aqueous systems, trisiloxanes like CoatOSil 7608 coatings additive, have also found utility as flow and leveling agents in solvent-based coating systems.  Additionally, the presence of an alcohol group in the polyether side chain can offer options to chemically incorporate this additive into the coating matrix.

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