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CoatOSil* 7605 Coatings Additive

Enhanced Flow and Gloss in Powder Coatings

While our CoatOSil brand of additives is known for its ability to enable enhanced flow and leveling in a broad spectrum of coatings and inks, CoatOSil 7605 coatings additive has been shown to provide these same performance enhancements to powder coating formulations. Unlike most others in the CoatOSil line of additives, it is the waxy solid nature of CoatOSil 7605 coatings additive that can allow it be incorporated into powder coating formulations. 

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CoatOSil* and Silquest* Additives, Surfactants and Silanes

More About CoatOSil* 7605 Coatings Additive

CoatOSil 7605 additive consists of a silicone backbone with all polyethylene-oxide (EO) polyether. The specific molecular architecture of CoatOSil 7605 coatings additive yields a low melting wax, differentiating it from most other CoatOSil brand copolymers and consequently making it an excellent candidate to consider as a flow leveling and wetting agent in powder coating formulations.

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