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If you need immediate assistance, please call
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Employee Stories

At Momentive, we aspire to build a culture that recognizes and embraces differences and fosters an environment where employees are comfortable expressing their true selves while being respectful of others. We are committed to improving representation within the Momentive workforce to be more reflective of and in touch with the communities in which we operate.

"Having spent most of my career in a military uniform, I was looking for an organization that not only valued that service, but also one that presented a challenge.  I found what I was looking for in Momentive, and love playing a role in shaping the company’s future through a focus on continuous improvement.

As a Continuous Improvement professional here at Momentive, I really enjoy working with people to find new and innovative ways of improving our business processes.  That challenge, and knowing that our efforts will help make the company more competitive, and thus a stable employer for thousands of my colleagues, is incredibly rewarding!"

 — Dan Colvin, United States


“Momentive is my first company after my graduation in 2006. For me, here is not only an employer, but it’s also my home, my teacher, my supporter, and we’re growing up together. Fifteen years of experience here changed my life and opened my eyes. I got a chance to work in a variety of roles, such as process engineer, QCA, CI, and production. It was an incredible experience and knowledge for me. Let’s support our best for Momentive‘s success!”

— Alisa Puttharak, Thailand 

Testimonial - Alisa Puttharak

Employee Testimonial - Anne Schroeer "What I like about working at Momentive? I am surrounded by many colleagues, who bring their innovation spirit, their creativity, experience, and their willingness to act and to drive solutions every day. I joined Momentive almost seven years ago, coming from a consultancy job as a lawyer in a law-firm. I was immediately amazed by the solution-oriented team spirit at Momentive and by the passion and creativity, with which many of my colleagues work together to serve our customers. At Momentive, we often say that there is never a dull moment. There is always something new, something to learn in this world. For every task and challenge, we work together as a team – across regions, across functions and always with an open sharing of spirit and creativity to provide sustainable solutions for our customers today and tomorrow. That is motivating, I can tell you! "

— Anne Schroeer, Germany 


Momentive is family. Our culture is highly valued here. Employees are steadfast in their commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. Information and metrics guide decision-making but doing the right thing for co-workers and customers is our culture. I have both the freedom and support to lead learning and training across departments. As a contracting project manager for nearly twenty years, I worked for Fortune 100 corporations to small non-profits. Momentive is the first company I’ve experienced that genuinely walks the talk.”

 — Tim Christensen, United States


Foto Anna Hugenott_resize "I am completing my training as industrial clerk at Momentive Performance Materials in Leverkusen. I chose Momentive as my first employer and training company because I felt totally at ease from the very first moment. The employees, who also represent the company, were very friendly and radiated a strength that only proves the company philosophy. The most important thing: The appreciation among each other and especially the appreciation of the young employees. Despite your young age and limited experience, you are seen as a colleague and totally integrated, so that even as a trainee you can make a big difference in the company and there is a pleasant and productive working atmosphere."

 — Anna Hugenott, Germany


As the Global Talent Development Leader at Momentive, I'm responsible for building and developing our people. And as the people person that I am, that really is an inner passion for me, and I can bring this with me to work every day. Which makes my work wonderful for me!

 — Denise-Christin Schrader, Germany



Testimonial 5 - Daraell Logan_resize“One of the most interesting things about working at Momentive has been learning about the scope and range of the products and the industries we touch. I came aboard knowing about the Sealant business, but I didn’t know much about the formulated Specialties Quartz, Basics and Intermediates, and performance additives. I would soon come to learn that Momentive’s products are used in a number of everyday items, such as cars, mobile phones, electronics, personal care products, beauty products, tires, and aerospace, just to name a few.

Another interesting thing about the work I do how different business units and departments of Momentive interact in the invoicing process and how dependent we are upon each to ensure our payment receipt process is running smoothly; it takes a lot of teamwork across departments to troubleshoot problems and reach our ultimate goal of getting payment in the door while maintaining the trust and loyalty of our customers.”

— Daraell Logan, United States 


“I like the culture of continuous improvement. Momentive has provided opportunities to improve EHS, quality, and relationships with other people. The changes might be slow and small, but I believe they bring impressive improvement…I have seen some real examples in these 30-something years. I’m a scientist in R&D, and I think development is also the way to provide a solution for continuous improvement. I enjoy working in this field with great team members.” 

— Maya Moriyama, Japan 

Employee Testimonial - Maya Moriyama

Employee Testimonial - Smith P “My favorite thing about working at Momentive is the incredible opportunity the company has given to me learn and develop. They have seen my potential and encouraged me to develop it by trusting me with increasing responsibility, letting me really take on and own tasks and projects. Time flies so fast that it has been 3 years already in this organization. I really enjoy the flexibility and freedom given to me to create a way of working that works best for me. I was heard and trusted from day 1 and I am grateful for all the support for my professional and personal development.”

— Smitha P., India 


“I’ve been with Momentive since September 2018, an organization filled with motivated people with innovative and sustainable ideas. The place where I learned “safety comes first” and “quality begins with me.” I feel recognized and appreciated by leadership and their guidance with short and long-term visions. I have been successful in my professional life without missing any part in my personal life. Here you feel responsibility and accountability are present in every process you do.”

— Manoj Kumar, India 

Employee Testimonial - Manoj_resize

Employee Testimonial - Lauren Childress 2_resize “I am grateful to work for an organization that supports its employees with such flexibility and compassion. 2020 has been a year that challenged and exhausted us all and, as a mother of 3, I am positive I would not have been able to successfully juggle the demands of child care and virtual learning with those of my career if not for the flexibility, understanding, and support I’ve received from Momentive leadership and colleagues. Throughout my 10 years here, it has been values such as these that I’ve seen demonstrated time and again. I’m very appreciative of their ongoing support and encouragement, with which I’ve been able to successfully balance the development of my career with the needs of a growing family (even in the midst of a pandemic).”

— Lauren Childress, United States 


“Support begins with me. As a technician, providing quality sample preparation and reliable and accurate test results are critical. I ensure successful outcomes for the experiment, scientists and company. Your role is important, regardless of the part you play!"

— Karen Washington, United States 

Testimonial Karen Washington

Employee Testimonial - Mona Kulkarni “Since joining Momentive in September 2021, I have been impressed with its diverse, unique, and collaborative culture, which I’ve seen foster innovation, embrace flexibility and celebrate the diversity of thought and approach. What makes Momentive special to me is an inclusive work environment where people feel welcome and valued for their contributions. The reward and recognition program at Momentive is amazing and can help unleash hidden potential, offering r employees a chance to become leaders within their field. It is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued. I am particularly pleased to see the company’s commitment to employees’ safety and wellbeing. I feel fortunate to work for an organization that strives to ensure that hard work is recognized, and achievements are acknowledged and celebrated regardless of how big or small they may appear. I feel proud to be a valued member of the Momentive family and hope to help its continued growth and success. ”

— Mona Kulkarni, India 

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