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Employee Development

Take Ownership of Your Career 

At Momentive, we believe that investing in the development of our employees is an enabler to achieving extraordinary results.  As part of our feedback and coaching approach, employees have an opportunity to build a personalized development plan to help them grow their skills for current and future roles.  Our Learning & Development organization offers employees multiple programs based on developing our Corporate Core Competencies that they can take advantage of in working to achieve their development goals.  We offer courses to develop and/or advance participants’ skills in project management, change leadership, influencing, engaging, presentation, communication, and coaching.  We also consider opportunities for development outside of the classroom with mentorship, job rotation, short-term assignments, and job enrichment through expanded projects and opportunities.

Our focus on development also strives to maximize individual strengths while managing growth opportunities.  We encourage employees to continue to develop their strengths to take them to a new level, make them more productive, and find new applications to utilize their strengths.  We also coach employees to help them apply their strengths in a way that can effectively compensate or overcome a development need.  In this way, we believe it is more energizing for the employee and more productive for the company to maximize the strengths that our employees bring.

Finally, as an employee, you are responsible for your development.  Momentive offers a variety of ways to develop, and it is up to you as to how far you want to take it. Momentive will encourage, enable and empower you to take your skills to a new level. To start the journey of recognizing your potential, search through our current openings, here