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Silwet* Surfactants


To improve their product’s performance, formulators and chemists utilizing the versatile Silwet portfolio may select from the large array of desirable physical properties that these surfactants provide. In addition to their ability to enhance wetting and spreading, Silwet surfactants can also improve sheeting, anti-fogging, emulsifying, release, and foaming or defoaming.

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From a foundation of three main chemical components, each of which imparts certain key physical properties, each Silwet surfactant is composed to provide a particular set of features that can be selected to improve the performance of specific formulations. Silwet surfactants can offer:

  • Low surface tension
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Low interfacial tension
  • Low glass transition temperature
  • Good thermal stability
  • High UV resistance

These features, in turn, can improve efficacy so that less end product is needed to produce desired effects. Silwet surfactants may also act synergistically with other surfactants to improve their performance, thus allowing for optimized customization. As customers get more mileage, value and profitability out of the chemicals already in their formulations, cost and performance may be optimized, providing the kind of benefit enhancement that turns ordinary products into differentiated best sellers.

For example, Silwet super-spreading spray adjuvants have been helping growers all over the world achieve greater agricultural productivity. Silwet adjuvants help promote low surface tension, rapid wetting, better adhesion and coverage on foliar surfaces, which can result in enhanced performance and consistency of spray applications. They have demonstrated the potential to lower spray volumes up to 75%, and thus lower both application time and costs. 

Our Silwet family of surfactants is one of the most complete in the industry. 

Explore the Silwet performance additives product family to discover the right solution for many industrial, agriculture, food production and textile applications.

* Silwet is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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Silwet* DRS-60 Adjuvant

Silwet* DRS-60 drift-retardant spreader provides both drift control and wetting properties to agricultural sprays. Learn more.

Silwet* 641 Adjuvant Concentrate

Adjuvant Concentrate with excellent spreading for use with MSO

Silwet* 408 Super Spreader

Silwet* 408 Surfactant is a superspreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate that can lower the surface tension of spray solutions. Learn more.

Silwet* 636 Super Spreader

High performance super spreader with low stomatal infiltration for fruits and vegetables

Silwet* 806 Spreader

Silwet* 806 spreader is a super-spreading surfactant that can lower the surface tension of spray solutions beyond that which is achievable with most conventional adjuvants. Learn more.

Silwet* DA-40 Performance Additive

Learn more about Silwet DA-40, a performance additive used to enhance dispersion and efficiency of defoamers, and highly compatible with organic defoamers.

Silwet* ECO Spreader

Silwet* ECO Spreader is a low-foaming, surface tension reducing spreader-activator for use in organic agriculture formulations. Learn more.

Silwet* HS-312 Adjuvant

Silwet* HS-312 adjuvant is hydrolytically stable with broad pH stability for in-can pesticide formulations. Learn more.

Silwet* HS-604 Penetrant

Using Silwet* HS-604 penetrant may lower the total adjuvants use in many in-can herbicide formulations, typically without compromising performance. Learn more.

Silwet* HSEC Penetrant

pH-stable penetrant with clear color for In-Can formulation.

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