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Silsoft* Silicones for Personal Care


While Momentive silicones have long benefited personal care products with softness and smoothness, our scientists continually improve upon this foundation and engineer new or enhanced value-adding features into our functionalized silicone products. Our Silsoft silicone fluids portfolio has captured such features in products that can also perform effectively at low use levels and, therefore enable impressive potential cost efficiencies. Silsoft silicone fluids can help provide unique sensory enhancement while delivering superior smoothness, protection and shine, flawless coverage, and a soft, rich texture.

The Silsoft portfolio is comprised of conditioning agents developed to help improve the feel of skin and hair, as well as to reduce surface tension in the formulations into which they are added. The functionalized silicones in our Silsoft family incorporate amino, alkyl or quat groups - each of which helps impart consumer-recognized benefits to personal care formulations. Specific grades are available as neat fluids or easy-to-use emulsions. Some emulsions include silicone particles that are produced to specified size and surface roughness for particular visual enhancements.

As a result, formulations that include Silsoft silicone fluids may enrich these products with:

  • Outstanding lubricity
  • Excellent spreadability
  • Delivery of actives and pigments with greater efficiency and uniformity
  • Soft, smooth, silky feel
  • Moist feel and moisturizing effects
  • Skin and hair conditioning benefits

Cosmetic and skin care formulations that contain Silsoft silicone fluids can also produce visual enhancements such as line blurring and skin brightening. Skin may appear softer and smoother, and may also appear to have fewer imperfections. Additionally, color cosmetics may retain their coloring longer and may benefit from extended wear with Silsoft additives.

In hair care applications, Silsoft silicone fluids can offer thermal protection, conditioning and manageability, and superior smoothness and shine, even for dry or damaged hair without a heavy or weighed-down feeling. Additional benefits for hair care formulators typically include: 

  • Enhanced deposition, even without a deposition aid
  • Improved wetting for better penetration of hair dye into hair strands and richer, more pronounced color
  • Color retention
  • Hair strengthening
  • Easier curling or straightening
  • Lower wet and dry friction
  • Reduced frizz

Silsoft silicone additives are generally easy to incorporate into a formulation. In fact, some Silsoft emulsions can be post-added to formulations to boost sensory properties. Various Silsoft grades can offer cold processability, excellent dispersability in water and formulation flexibility due to stability in a wide range of pH values. Importantly, we manufacture many Silsoft grades without the use of MIT or parabens. 

With nearly 100 versatile and multifunctional products making up our Silsoft brand fluids, our personal care experts are empowered to help formulators select the right silicone for their desired consumer benefits. Formulators know that it is critical to distinguish their products in fiercely competitive markets. Our Silsoft silicones portfolio can enable them to do so. 

Explore the Silsoft product family to discover the right solution for personal care products. 

* Silsoft is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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