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SilForce* Release Coatings


Creating innovations that enable advancements in tape, label and liner technologies, our versatile SilForce release coating products generally offer one of our most extensive arrays of formulations to match specific operational, performance and cost parameters. SilForce products may contribute to increased line speeds, decreased material costs, lower VOC emissions and applicability of standard production equipment to a broader array of substrates. These benefits arise from our ongoing developments in release coating chemistry: faster cure, lower platinum content, reduced misting, new release profiles, and low-temperature thermal as well as UV-curing.

SilForce* Release Coatings Brochure

The versatility of our SilForce release coating products typically starts with the wide range of curing systems accommodated through various formulations. Curing systems include thermal (solventless, water and solvent) and UV-cure systems. Within each of these cure subgroups, customers will find a range of:

  • Viscosities
  • Suitabilities to different substrates (paper or film, transparent or opaque, and so on)
  • Release profiles (flat or dynamic)
  • Cure temperatures and rates

We have engineered our UV-cure products to generally optimize our customers' capital investment and cost-effective processing, and our scientists have developed low-temperature thermal solventless products to provide an additional option in meeting low-temperature processing needs. The adaptability of SilForce release coatings may also provide customers with multiple formulating choices to customize the level of platinum catalyst to the needs of their production process and final label or tape application.

Complementing our release formulations, SilForce controlled release additives (CRAs) may help customers to improve efficiency for high-release formulations, due to the CRAs' ability to reduce smoke and foam generation during processing.

One of our most recent brand introductions, SilForce SLAM* 3000 silicone anti-mist additive, can be particularly effective in high-speed release liner production. We have designed this additive to help eliminate misting, thanks to its high-molecular-weight silicone polymer composition. 

SilForce release coatings offer the potential to materially improve production processes and enhance opportunities for energy cost savings. Our ongoing commitment is twofold: to improve the process for customers to maintain profitability, and to create more sustainable products through processes that create less waste and use less energy.

Discover how our extensive portfolio of SilForce release coatings is helping enable efficiency and innovation.

*SilForce and SilForce SLAM are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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SilForce* SL6575

SL6575 is a thermal cure solventless silicone release coating system designed for use in the manufacture of release liners for pressure sensitive tapes and labels ...

SilForce* SL6020 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6020 release coating is a cure promoting crosslinker for addition-cure and fast-cure release coatings. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6031 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6031 release coating is a controlled release polymer for addition-cure release coatings and high release applications. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6210 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6210 release coating is a Platinum (Pt) catalyst for addition-cure dynamic release coatings. Learn more.

SilForce* SL6510 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6510 release coating is a Platinum (Pt) catalyst for addition-cure high speed flat release coatings. Learn more.

SilForce* SS4300C Release Coating

SilForce* SS4300C release coating is a crosslinker for addition-cure release coatings and exceptional anchorage to papers and films. Learn more.

SilForce* FSR2000 Release Coating

SilForce* FSR2000 release coating is a fluorosilicone base polymer for addition-cure release coatings and release from aggressive PSAs. Learn more.

SilForce* SL3842 Release Coating

SilForce* SL3842 a silicone release coating that offers filmic liner release from bitumen mastics and other aggressive and high tack adhesives used in building and construction, self-adhesive noise insulation, automotive damping, bitumen rolled roofing and roof shingle applications.

SilForce* SL6062 Release Coating

SilForce* SL6062 release coating is a base polymer for addition-cure release coatings and fast-curing, dynamic release. Learn more.

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