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SilCool* Thermal Interface Materials


In response to new heat-management challenges arising from the higher frequencies, power and miniaturization of today’s electronic devices, Momentive scientists have developed and continue to enhance our SilCool thermal interface materials. The excellent thermal conductivity and consistent, long-term heat transfer performance typically provided by SilCool products typically help enable such devices to operate more efficiently and reliably. Our complete SilCool product portfolio, which includes grease compounds, adhesives, encapsulants and potting compounds, and liquid dispensed thermal pads, is also typically characterized by excellent workability, thin bond lines and minimal weight loss at elevated temperatures.

Along with excellent thermal conductivity, SilCool grease compounds offer low bleed as well as great stability, penetration and temperature resistance. The combination of processing performance and thermal conductivity that these grease compounds may offer make them widely applicable to high-performance devices and packages.

Quick-curing SilCool silicone adhesive products help to deliver thin bond lines, which contribute to low thermal resistance while typically providing excellent adhesion and reliability. They typically adhere well - without the use of primers - to ceramics, glass and most metals (including aluminum, copper and nickel plate), and they generally remain noncorrosive to metal substrates. In addition, SilCool silicone adhesive products may offer excellent adhesion to many high-performance thermoplastics, such as PPS and PBT.

SilCool silicone potting compounds, encapsulants and liquid dispensed thermal pads include a variety of heat and room temperature cure materials. Low-viscosity grades are generally available for potting applications, and moderate-viscosity grades can provide the necessary dispensing stability for bead formulation. Forming a stress-relieving rubber, these SilCool grades may also be used as gap fillers or as liquid-dispensed alternatives to thermal pads.

The highly workable nature of SilCool products may help effectively accommodate automated dispensing, screen printing and stamping. SilCool silicone products can be excellent candidates for electronic and other applications where thermal management and high-heat transfer are critical. 

The SilCool brand of thermal interface materials may benefit industries such as energy, power, utilities, telecom, microelectronics, aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, consumer electronics and health care. Potential applications include assembly adhesion, board assembly and manufacturing of flat-panel monitors, photovoltaic components and hybrid car parts.

Discover how products in the versatile SilCool brand can meet thermal management objectives.

* SilCool is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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SilCool* TIA350R Adhesive

The high thermal conductivity of SilCool* TIA350R adhesive make it an excellent candidate to consider for applications that require removing heat from heat-generating components. Learn more.

SilCool* TIG2000 Silicone Grease

With its good thermal conductivity, SilCool* TIG2000 silicone grease helps draw away heat from devices in electronics applications. Learn more.

SilCool* TIG210BX Silicone Compound

SilCool* TIG210BX silicone compound may be used in electronics applications and others where high thermal conductivity and low oil bleed are required. Learn more.

SilCool* XE13-C1862PT Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive

SilCool* XE13-C1862PT thermally conductive silicone adhesive can provide adhesion to a variety of substrates and cure quickly. Learn more.

SilCool* TIA235G
SilCool* TIA241GF
SilCool* TIG170BX
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