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SAG* Antifoams


Momentive’s SAG antifoams succeed in the most critical aspects of foam control: they can provide rapid knockdown as well as superior durability, and they can do so effectively at relatively low doses — which may lead to lower cost in use than some competing products. Various SAG antifoams are also able to handle difficult environments, such as high or low temperature, high hardness and severe pH conditions. Whether an operation involves blending, percolating, filtering, filling, transporting or spreading, SAG antifoams can efficiently and effectively control foam.

By controlling foam in industrial, agricultural or food processes, SAG antifoams have helped our customers increase equipment capacity, decrease processing time and expense, achieve better product consistency and delivery, and improve the quality of finished products.

SAG antifoams are effective because they promote low surface tension and low solubility in most systems. They disperse readily and may therefore be used effectively in low dosages. Critical to crop and food applications, they typically leave no substantial residue or odor and are bio-inert. (Where applicable, SAG antifoams may be used as an inert, indirect food additive in compliance with FDA requirements under 21 CFR 170-179.)

Selecting the best antifoam is ultimately a delicate balance between performance and cost requirements. Because SAG antifoams offer a range of cost and performance levels, our customers can select the best cost-performance combination for their particular application.

The SAG family of products includes self-dispersing concentrates, emulsions and non-aqueous compounds from which formulators can select the right product to match their particular system. Specific grades can provide optimal service in high or low temperatures, high or low pH values, low- or high-shear processing equipment and food or nonfood applications.

Find out more about how the full line of SAG antifoaming agents can provide your industry's antifoam solution.

*SAG is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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SAG* 100 Antifoam Compound

100% actives, food grade silicone antifoam for non-aqueous systems

SAG* 1529 Antifoam Emulsion

78% actives, silicone antifoam concentrate for tank-mix applications

SAG* 1538 Antifoam Compound

SAG* 1538 antifoam is a highly potent silicone antifoam with exceptional initial foam control as well as long-lasting antifoam properties.

SAG* 1572 Antifoam Compound

100% actives, high-performance silicone antifoam emulsion with wide use range.

SAG* 1599 Antifoam Compound

100% actives, high-performance silicone antifoam compound for high-electrolyte formulations

SAG* 240 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG* 240 antifoam is a highly stable, efficient antifoam compound with excellent foam-control properties in markets including textile processing and agriculture. Learn more.

SAG* 471  Antifoam Compound

100% actives, antifoam silicone emulsion with excellent defoaming for fermentation

SAG* 5693 Antifoam Compound

100% actives, OMRI Listed food-grade silicone antifoam compound for non-aqueous fermentation

SAG* 622 Antifoam Emulsion

SAG* 622 antifoam emulsion is particularly useful in high-temperature aqueous systems, such as jet dyeing. Learn more.

SAG* 630

SAG* 630 antifoam is an excellent candidate to consider for foam control in aqueous systems. It is generally extremely stable and easy to handle. SAG 630 antifoam typically works well in applications requiring excellent knock down and durability. Low concentrations can sharply reduce foam created, thereby cutting down processing time and permitting maximum capacity production. It can be a potentially cost-effective way to develop foam-free formulations.

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