PolarTherm* and PolarTherm PTX* Boron Nitride Fillers


Our highly customizable and versatile PolarTherm family of Boron Nitride (BN) powders offers a wide range of mechanical properties and characteristics that have been built on our decades of experience with this compound. Carefully engineering the morphology, density, particle size and distribution, and several other key physical properties, Momentive scientists have developed a variety of standard and custom grades of PolarTherm BN fillers to meet specific thermal management requirements. The result is a portfolio of BN fillers developed to improve thermal conductivity in a wide range of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers.

Three primary morphologies characterize various PolarTherm BN grades:

Single-crystal platelets (mean particle size of 5 to 50 µm) offer high crystallinity with a low tap density. Well-defined platelets may possess high aspect ratios and low surface area, resulting in low viscosity in a polymer resin. This combination of properties allows our customers to load these PolarTherm BN grades to high levels in polymer resins and still achieve good flow performance. It also gives our customers the option of applying processing techniques that promote favorable alignment of the platelets in the direction of desired heat flow. Platelet grades may consistently provide excellent thermal conductivity performance in thermal interface films or pads, thermal greases or gels, or thermally conductive plastics.

High-density agglomerates (mean particle size of 50 to 350 µm) may be characterized as fine crystalline agglomerates with good strength and medium surface area. These grades offer a combination of thermal, electrical and mechanical properties that make them well-suited for gap fillers and underfills, potting and molding compounds, silicone and other compliant pads, liquid encapsulants, compounded thermoplastics, printed circuit board prepregs and laminates, or thermal interface greases, gels and adhesives.

Spherical agglomerates (25 to 65 µm). While some of our customers benefit from anisotropic thermal properties that are possible with platelet grades, others profit from PolarTherm PTX grades' unique spherical agglomerates, which provide more isotropic properties. These patented, robust spherical agglomerates of BN crystals can deliver increased thermal conductivity at moderate loading levels in polymer composites. 

With its wide range of available purity and morphology combinations, PolarTherm BN fillers may be used in many different electronics applications, providing superior thermal conductivity and electrical insulation with a low dielectric constant. PolarTherm BN fillers are stable at high temperatures, nonreactive to most chemicals, and lubricious and non-wetting.

Discover how PolarTherm BN products can be adopted for unique customer-specific applications in specific industries. 

* PolarTherm is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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