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Momentive Softouch* Boron Nitride Powders


With imparted qualities ranging from soft focus to shine, opacity to translucence and lubricity to absorbency, Momentive Softouch boron nitride (BN) powders typical benefits span the full extent of desired visual and sensory impacts of cosmetic products. Momentive Softouch BN powders can offer flexibility in achieving a range of optical properties including masking of skin defects such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. They can also be a very useful tool for formulators to achieve optical effects including instant radiance, luminosity and a means to counteract dull, lifeless skin.

For lip and eye color, facial powders and foundations, concealers and anti-aging products, sunscreen, and skin care creams and moisturizers, Momentive Softouch BN powders can provide the unusual combination of excellent slip and long-lasting adhesion. Slip provides a silky, smooth, lubricious feel as well as enhanced spreading and coverage characteristics. Adhesion contributes notably long wear and transfer resistance.

Momentive Softouch BN powders can help formulators provide numerous sensory and visual enhancement benefits, due to their range of particle morphologies - from a flat, graphitic, hexagonal crystal structure to rounded platelets to noncrystalline, fine particles. Depending on the Momentive Softouch BN powder grade employed, cosmetic products containing it may give the wearer's skin: 

  • Soft focus
  • Opaque, matte finish
  • Translucence and semi-matte finish
  • Translucence and a high "shine" or "dewy" appearance
  • Pearlescent finish
  • Improved oil absorbance

Explore the Momentive Softouch BN powders line to find the right products to enhance your beauty product formulations.

* Softouch is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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