CoolFX* Hybrid Modifiers

CoolFX hybrid modifiers are a new generation of hybrid filler materials engineered to provide step-change performance improvement for thermal management applications. Enabling formulation of thermally conductive, electrically insulating thermoplastic polymer compounds, CoolFX hybrid modifiers are also developed to improve physical properties and ease processing compared both to neat resins and thermoplastics filled with traditional boron nitride (BN). This improved “practical toughness” expands the applications that may benefit from a BN-based filler.

Our scientists created CoolFX hybrid modifiers with the goal of optimizing the combined performance of three critical features: (1) thermal properties, (2) mechanical properties and (3) cost. We achieved this goal through the hybrid filler's proprietary blend of BN and other materials, and through a specialized surface treatment.

CoolFX hybrid modifiers may provide a more cost-effective solution for most thermal management applications because they have been shown to achieve high thermal conductivities at lower BN loadings with less negative impact on mechanical properties. Compared with most base resins, compounds containing CoolFX hybrid modifiers often have faster in-mold cooling, resulting in potentially shorter cycles and improved press utilization - and consequently higher productivity.

CoolFX hybrid filler technologies can provide electrical insulation and can enable more consistent feeding, lower total part costs and easier extruding for a wide range of end-use applications including:

  • LED lighting fixtures
  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Aerospace and automotive cooling systems
  • Motor and battery housings
  • Temperature sensors and heat exchangers

 Additionally, thermoplastics filled with CoolFX hybrid filler exhibit improved tensile strength and tensile modulus compared to components made with traditional BN filler.

Industries that may employ CoolFX hybrid modifiers include the automotive, consumer electronics, energy, transportation and aerospace sectors.

Discover how CoolFX brand products can be adapted for applications in various industries.

* CoolFX is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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