CoolFlow* BN Powder Grades


Momentive’s CoolFlow boron nitride (BN) powders utilize decades of expertise in BN technology to improve this compound’s cost-effectiveness as a thermal conductor in electrically insulating applications. Thermoplastic polymer components incorporating CoolFlow BN powders not only benefit from thermal and electrical properties, but also may be produced more efficiently due to the CoolFlow BN powder’s lubricious and nonwetting characteristics. Because CoolFlow BN powders are stable at high temperatures, nonreactive to most chemicals and low in density, they may contribute to lighter, more durable thermoplastic components.

To produce the highly crystalline, high-purity CoolFlow BN powders, our scientists developed a new more stable and consistent manufacturing process. The CoolFlow BN powders are available with small particle sizes (mean size of 12 microns, for example) in platelet form, which serve effectively in thin-film applications. They can also be supplied as a mix of larger platelets and agglomerates, which may enable improved through-plane thermal conductivity (when agglomerates are maintained during processing).

Unlike other fillers that may be abrasive and damaging to extrusion equipment, CoolFlow BN powders are developed specifically to enhance thermal conductivity of thermoplastic resins and maintain electrical isolation properties while diminishing potential harm to equipment.

CoolFlow BN powder grades have been specified for various uses across the automotive, consumer goods, electrical transmission, electronics, health care, energy, packaging, transportation and aerospace industries. They have enhanced thermal conductivity in LED lighting fixtures, consumer electronic devices, motor and battery housings, temperature sensors, heat exchangers, and aerospace cooling systems. CoolFlow BN powders are white in color, permitting a wide range of color choices in end products.

Discover how CoolFlow brand products can be adapted for a variety of thermal management applications in a variety of industries.

* CoolFlow is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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